New Exhibit Coming to ECHO



XOXO Larry Rippel Reflection.jpg

Opening January 16, 2016 and running through May 15, 2016:

XOXO An Exhibit about Love and Forgiveness

You and your students can explore how we learn about love and forgiveness through activities that get us to feel and talk about these emotions:

  • Hold hands with someone to illuminate a hidden message about love.
  • Write down a loving thought and press it into a token to keep or gift.
  • Work together to balance on a bubble seesaw or connect an infinite puzzle.
  • Explore facial expressions and build with Face Blocks
  • Draw or write down what makes you angry or sad and crank it through a paper shredder.
  • Hug a soft sculpture that responds with a comforting sound.

Using facial expressions, words, movement and art making, XOXO explores what love and forgiveness mean to you, and to others.

See the educators’ guide for more.

Science Resources We Love:

Science in fun, two-minute bites: How do leaves change color? How are researchers are making tires from lettuce? How is smell linked to taste? You can learn about each of those is the first new editions of the new Science Underground podcast. Each episode discusses a topic for just two minutes, giving listeners a fun, weekly science fix. See what creator Ainissa Ramirez had to say about Science Underground on the NSTA Blog.


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